In the midst of developing a (forthcoming!) CBD Face & Body Balm, I wrote down three questions:

  • What do people need?

  • What are people looking for?

  • What kind of issues are they looking to address?


 As I dotted the last question mark, my sister turned to me with outstretched hands - sore, blistered, and swollen from returning to hand drumming after forced time off from an injury. 


“The next balm you make should be for healing," she said. "Soothing and cooling, for pain and inflammation. Maybe it could help bug bites and sunburns, too..”​  


I smiled, nodded my head, and took notes as she spoke. When she finished, I read to her the three questions I had written down the moment before she started speaking.

Drummer's Hands was born.

Based just outside of Milford, PA, we source organic ingredients from small farms, ethically wild harvest, and purchase our supplies from small & family-owned businesses whenever possible.

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